Our 28-day Detoxification Program includes premier, research-based formulas that have a long history of successful clinical use and are strategically designed to offer different levels of support to meet individual needs for more successful outcomes. Our package includes:

  • Phase I, Phase II and Phase III diet and supplement formulas for your liver with enhanced support for alkalinization, cellular protection and heavy metal metabolism.

  • Antioxidant and vitamin support for your kidneys plus specific foods that boost kidney and liver detox function.

  • A 28-day Program Guide that includes a shopping guide + a strategically structured food plan to reduce the impact of processed foods and excess simple sugars + Recipes + Scientifically-Designed Food Plans.

  • Access to online support tools that include webinars, health blog + email support that includes helpful tips and additional recipes.

28-Day Detox Whole Body Program

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